We named this model the boomerang because every time you catch a wave you want to go back out and catch another one. This is not like the old style traditional fish, although I have still kept the traditional outline. It has a lot of curve thru the bottom deck, single into deep double concave with vee thru the tail. Every design aspect of it including the wing in the tail is to assist the board to become a performance board. I ride one of these boards as a 5’7. It goes really well in small perfect snapper and small onshore running waves, it makes sections that your traditional shortboard won’t make. It is also great in Eps with a stringer or Carbon Kevlar Technology.


5' 6" 19 1/4 2 1/8
5' 8" 19 1/2 2 3/16
5' 10" 19 3/4 2 1/4
5' 11" 19 7/8 2 5/16
6' 0" 20 2 3/8
5' 11" 19 2 5/16


Available in: EPS, PU and S-Core

It also comes mainly with a swallow tail unless otherwise requested. There is a choice of 1 wing or double wing in the tail leading into the swallow tail

Concave:deep single into double, deep double between the fins
Rails:Little bit more fuller rail than the other board designs
Fin Setup: Thruster or Quad
Rocker: Medium
Wave Height: 1ft to 6ft